Sunday, May 26, 2013

Be a Cartoon-Heart

Song of the day:

Neon Jacket - Adidas | Yellow Homer Simpson head oversized shirt - unbranded | Cartoon legging - unbranded | Graffiti slip-on shoes - Airwalk

I am finally back!! *le cries* after a loooooong sleep ( I mean, hiatus) finally I can post something fashion. So yes, enjoy ;)

Turquoise nail polish - unbranded | Hot pink nail polish - Chic | Blue Shine-on Nail Lacquer - OPI |  Limited Edition Black Shatter - Oriflame  

I also doing manicure this ( fyi, manicure is one of my favourite thing I do on my period, ewh)

This song stucked in my head for days, hope you also like it!

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