Saturday, July 14, 2012


God, I really miss this blog lately. I miss how I desperately take photos with self-timer by myself, I miss how I write this blog, I miss how  I stalk many fashion blogs (hehe..). Unfortunately, my dad's laptop is broken so I have to lend my extraordinary white-inside ACER laptop *le cries. So, as soon as possible, I'll continue my stop-motion video project, which I made it for my beloved class; Eight (yeay!!). Then, I'll take photo shoots and go back to the right track, blogging :). Sorry for lack of blogging, truly from the bottom of my heart I'm really sorry. More bad news, I'm now a 9th grader, which means I'll graduated next year. Many tests, exams, boring books, blablablaa...

But the point is, I'll try my best to create this blog more superb than ever this semester. Well, see you soon:D

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