Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hellow fellas! So looooooooooooooooong since my latest post. I just really lazy to take photos and edit it, but yeah if you follow my twitter, you know I'm still exist. So, I just wanna post a quick outfit post, my mother's dress is the main star of my outfit. Sorry for the photos, I only took it in close up, duh. Anyway, this is my first post wearing make up! hehe, just practicing my skill for make up because I'm a make up artist in my class drama, yeah it's a tradition of the 8th grader to make a theater drama every year in the last school year. I'll post it if I got the photo of the actors and many more!

cream cardigan - DKNY
orange dress - Banana Republic

My fav pattern these days are aztec, triangle, and graffiti. Some of my school friends like the 'satanic' pattern, but I don't really like it because I think it's too.... dark, sin, etc. I can't describe it:/ Well see you (if it's not really long) next post:DDD

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