Sunday, February 26, 2012

Singapore All The Way~

I'm gonna post some pictures which I took on Singapore last Sunday to Wednesday :)))))

Day 1: Rebel Supergirl
           Location: Science Centre Singapore

Childhood Bracelets + Malioboro Street Leather Bracelets
Denim Jacket; Lea, Supergirl T-shirt; songosongo, Low-waist Jeans; Lois, Blue Sneakers; Nike

Day 2: I Heart Neon and Denim Dress
           Location: Singapore Merlions

I decreased my bracelets, so it didn't look too much :}

Denim Dress (belt included); online shop, Black Legging; unbranded, Turquoise Malindi; Crocs, Purple and Green Scarf; unbranded, Wayfarer; unbranded

Day 3: Double Denim-Checkered Oscar
           Location: Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa



Checkered Pink see-through Shirt; Guess, Oscar Cream T-shirt; songosongo

Day 4: Blurry Buzz Lightyear with Orange!
           Location: Changi International Airport Singapore

Orange Ripped Scarf; Majalah Gadis bonus, Buzz Lightyear long-sleeve T-Shirt; songosongo
You write a wrong title? Actually, no. Yes I wear Buzz Lightyear T-shirt, but you can't see it, sorry :( Gonna post more photos next week! Bye!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I say...

The first time I looked at your face, I say "who's that boy?" and I don't have any feeling at all...
But, one day I realize I fall for you...
I have no reason why I could have that such a feeling..

Now, when I see your face, I say "such a prince charming"..
When you play the guitar, I say "he's the best guitar player ever"..
When another says you're not cute, I say "naynay, he's the cutest who could ever be"..

These words are just for you, yeah you may know that I have a crush on you..
Oh, you'll never know what I feel.. Yap, because you don't know me and what I feel, and I knew that..

I just wanna say that... I'm having a crush on you, and I like you, and... I love you :)

Copyright by Mia Maharani. Wanna share this to your blog? Please email me: Thx :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm in Polka Dots

Rossa Ceri denim cardigan
unbranded cropped top
'grandma made' polkadot skirt
Anya Hindmarch kitten shoulder-clutch
The Little Things She Needs blue wedges 
D.I.Y ribbon ring

Hhh.. long time no blog right? I just want to say: sorry for blurry images-_-. Mmm.. just that, I'm not in mood for 'too much' talking. Hope you like my look :)...