Friday, January 13, 2012

Yiihaa? Nope, Just Transparant :)

 Okay, I tell you something. I join an event held by Feminax and Majalah Teen about fashion and puberty. The guest star is Sonia Eryka , so I really excited to join this event ^^. The dress code is everything but should be something in 'pink'. And these what I wear...

Pink Plaid Transparant Shirt : Guess Jeans/Orange Beaded Necklace : D.I.Y :D/Denim Shorts : Wish/Brown Legging : unbranded/Leather Boots : Dr. Martens (my mom's!)

with Sonia Eryka and Kay know what? Yes! I got best-dressed for my look! AWWWW!!! Such a thanks! Oh, one thing. My friend told me that I featured on Majalah Teen, I haven't seen it. I'll post it when I already buy it :)

The prize is white (analog+digital) ODM watch. Yeap, such a cool watch! That's all, bye!

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