Wednesday, December 21, 2011

D.I.Y colorful necklace!

Actually, this necklace that I made by myself is inspired by Elizabeth Olsen's necklace:

 But, I made it totally (not) similar with the original one, hehe (-_-")

This is how to make this necklace:

First up, you need a wire and folding paper.

Then, cut the wire as long as you need it

Wrap the folding paper all over the wire and glue it in the end.
Make the wrapped-wire and shape it like a whirlpool shape
 You can make it in different colors and make it as pendants.

Add a string or black bow to make a necklace. 
So, here it is: Colorful Necklace Inspired by Elizabeth Olsen's Necklace

Easy right?

"Be creative-minded as long as you still have a brain ;)"

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