Friday, November 18, 2011


Now inspired by GADIS magazine, one of my favorite magazine. See below! Enjoy!

My cousin, Deandra, a good joker, love K-POP. Wearing her own blue shirt, my grey polkadot long scarf, her own baggy pants, and also her own pastel pink furry CROCS. Inspired by this look from GADIS no. 18:
Sorry for blurry image, I shoot it with my mobile phone camera. Don't forget to see below images:

 This is me! Wearing online shop's denim dress + belt (my mom bought it for me, for Hari Raya Eid present) and I'm wearing Borobudur pendant necklace that I made myself. It's easy, just a keychain, then connect it with a string, simple yet easy. I'm also wearing a SKECHERS clog wedges. The yellow zebra-patterned clutch is from GADIS, love it. Inspired by this:
 Enjoy, comments are pleased.  

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