Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Okay, here are things why I titled this post "VIVA LA VIDA IS LEGEND!". First of all, it's a really great song. Then, this song isn't only sang by Coldplay, it also sang by other artist including my favorite artists such as Taylor Swift and One Direction (while their still in X Factor), so check this out:
This is the original one,
Taylor Swift covers Viva La Vida
And last but not least, One Direction in X Factor also singing Viva La Vida:
Cool huh? Yup, that's way this song is a legend :)

Friday, November 18, 2011


Now inspired by GADIS magazine, one of my favorite magazine. See below! Enjoy!

My cousin, Deandra, a good joker, love K-POP. Wearing her own blue shirt, my grey polkadot long scarf, her own baggy pants, and also her own pastel pink furry CROCS. Inspired by this look from GADIS no. 18:
Sorry for blurry image, I shoot it with my mobile phone camera. Don't forget to see below images:

 This is me! Wearing online shop's denim dress + belt (my mom bought it for me, for Hari Raya Eid present) and I'm wearing Borobudur pendant necklace that I made myself. It's easy, just a keychain, then connect it with a string, simple yet easy. I'm also wearing a SKECHERS clog wedges. The yellow zebra-patterned clutch is from GADIS, love it. Inspired by this:
 Enjoy, comments are pleased.  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad (Boy) and The Little Bohemian

If you ask who are these girls, they are my cousins. The first named Dean, she's a fifth grader but she is as high as me (-_-") and the second is Diza, she just about 3-4 years old (I forgot-_-). Dean is wearing purple t-shirt and baggy pants. I added pastel colored shirt to make it more cool. She's wearing pastel pink fur crocs flats, that she brought. Then, Diza is wearing blue tunic and floral skirt, and I added pearl headband to make it more 'boho' (Actually, she's wearing clothes that I like by accident. And you know what? I really love it!!) . Comments are pleased =)

Bali yet Floral..

I'm an amateur and I'm not using DSLR camera, I only use regular pocket camera. But, here it is: I'm wearing Bali blue-green floral dress, gray knitted bolero, and floral clog wedges. I'm also wearing braided headband that I made by myself ;P. Comments are pleased :)


Okay, I'm gonna post my FIRST fashion looks. But, let's enjoy these videos first!
We'll never forget you Freddie Mercury :')

Bohemian Rhapsody - by Queen
Don't Stop Me Now - by Queen